**Proof of up to date vaccinations for Rabies & Bordetella are required for all daycare & boarding stays, both must be documented at time of drop off.  Also a negative result on a recent (30 days) fecal test is also required for the safety of all dogs.** 

What We Offer

​​                                                 ​​​​​​​Daycare
Dogs are social animals and need interaction with other dogs and people on a regular basis to remain happy and healthy. They need companionship and exercise for their well being. Doggy daycare benefits both the dog and the owner. No more guilt when you pick up your keys to head out for the day and have to watch their excitement turn to disappointment as you walk out the door. Daycare benefits the dog because instead of sitting at home waiting for you, they are playing, being socialized, and having a great time with other dogs in a safe, healthy and fun atmosphere. They can participate in play groups, play ball, hang out with us, or just lounge around. Since the dogs spend tons of time outside playing and interacting, then tend to be a little dirty by tho end of the day! After a fun day of playing you pick up a calm and relaxed dog.

New England Dog Training has the largest outdoor open free run space in the South Coast at 10,000 square feet. We offer 6 yards spanning nearly 14,000 square feet. Along with an impressive 1,200 square foot indoor play area.

​                                               Boarding
We live onsite, so we will be here overnight with the dogs. There are numerous facilities that do not provide over night supervision. It is extremely important to us that we always have someone staying overnight with the dogs. At New England Dog Training we believe that our guests deserve comfort and fun while they stay with us. They spend the day playing with friends, While at other facilities your dog may spend it's day alone, hoping for a little attention. When it comes to boarding your dog, you now have a choice, you can leave them barking for attention in a traditional kennel, or bring them to New England Dog Training where they will have a fantastic stay! 

New England Dog Training  offers in home training lessons.  Private lessons allow us to use the techniques that will work best for you and your dog.  You're both in your own environment, so you'll feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings. This helps us truly understand the dynamics of your household and lifestyle which greatly affect your dog.  Both you and your dog are most comfortable at home, which makes training and communicating easier to do.  This will achieve an excellent end result.  

​Getting a dog is a great addition to add to your life.  Just like kids, raising a dog can be very challenging.  You have to communicate in life to get tasks accomplished.  Just like you need to communicate with your dog.  New England Dog Training believes communication is the key to having a well balanced and obedient dog.  Being patient and consistent is also extremely important.  Positive re-enforcement is also a key factor.  Just like anything in life, you need to take time out of your busy schedule to accomplish this goal.  
    We believe that dogs can be trained at just about any age.  So please don't think that just because your dog is older, it is not capable of learning new things, that just isn't the case.  Dogs are extremely intelligent animals who want to please their owners.  New England Dog Training believes that dogs and people are capable of living together in harmony.  We are here to help you achieve that goal.
       We encourage the entire family to participate in training lessons.  We are teaching you, the owner, how to train your dog when we are not around.  You need to be able to complete exercises and communicate with your dog.   

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