Randall Vallee

My puppy absolutely loves this daycare he's is so much calmer and more confident. If you are looking for a quality place this is it. Caring staff great price you wont be disappointed.

Michele Ponsart
Little dogs or big dogs Bill and his team does a great job with them all. I appreciate all they do.

Pauline Oliveira Cassell

Great place! Molly loves going. An awesome play area for the dogs. I was referred by a friend. The staff truly care about their clients.

Kimberly Garrison [Kevin Garrison]
Kevin Garrison
We adopted Sam and he is a smart dog but after a few months he started to become aggressive towards both my wife and I. well we did not want to give up on Sam like a few people have already done before us and we call Bill. well after some hard work and a few months Sam is almost there. thank you for helping Sam
Bill has been a life saver for my family! Our Sammy was exhibiting several problem behaviors such as aggression, leash pulling and excessive barking. When we contacted Bill he immediately replied and offered suggestions to help us over the phone until he could come to the house to meet us. Bill was very easy to talk to and tells it like it is from the dogs perspective. Not only has he helped Sammy in many ways but he has helped me and my husband become a better dog owner. I admire Bill's love for dog's! And I am so grateful for his

 William,           9/15/2014
You are more than Dixie's dog trainer, you are a source of great support.  You are straight forward and honest and have guided me through many events over the last year and a half with Dixie's issues.  You are always available to problem solve, to cry with many times, and to laugh with.  You have become a true friend and I want to thank you for always being there for not just Dixie, but to me too!  Hats off to you and New England Dog training.
Sheri,  Warwick

Hi,     6/28/2014
We've used Bill and Kim for both training and boarding-loved both!
Training:  Our dog Blaze barked like a maniac at everything and it was driving us up the wall.  In on short session, Bill gave us tricks and tools to help him stop.  He hardly barks now-just a few weeks later and we're working on other commands and behavioral corrections as well.  I'm SO happy to have a well-behaved dog!
Boarding:  My dog was SO happy, tired from playing but happy, when he came from their place.  We've already booked them for two more weekends in the summer.  Their prices are better than our vet's boarding AND they're there all night long, unlike most boarders who leave the dogs alone in a facility overnight.  No thanks.  We are very pleased and will be using New England Dog Training again and again!
Lisa, Newport 

Bill,      6/12/2014
I can't thank you enough for your time with Clayton and for you telling Cathy, the massage therapist, about him. He is doing awesome!
Wendy, Fall River   

Bill and family,       6/12/2014
I cannot express how thankful I am to all of you for taking Mabel in and showing her guidance as well as giving her the love and attention that she so desires.  It puts my heart as ease when I saw how happy she was to see you all!  It makes a world of difference knowing that she is not only being trained but loves as well.  Otherwise I don't think I would be able to do it!  Thank you all again so much!  You truly are very special people.
Lisa, Swansea 

Bill,     2/11/2014
Feel free to post the email to your site. It has been tough and is a constant learning and life style change. Like children, I will constantly question myself as a parent and the kids will constantly challenge me. I've figured out dogs and kids have some things in common. I have to be the constant leader, firm but loving. Dakota and I have much work to do. . . turns out the dog I feared and didn't want to fall in love with from the get go has stolen my heart completely and I will do whatever is necessary to keep him regardless of what others think or say. He really is an awesome dog, both with me and my family. I can't imagine life without him! He just has a few quirks that have to be managed. . . but then don't we all? lol. Fortunately for us, we had you to turn to when things looked there bleakest. Even other trainers said I should put him down. Your faith gave me faith and I am forever grateful.

Dear Bill  5/24/2013
Thanks once again for working with my new rescue dog, Liza.  I will continue with her training and am confident in the knowledge that anytime I have a problem, you are just a phone call away!  Bill worked with my dog Laddie when I rescued him and has worked with both Laddie and Liza this time.  I can't recommend Bill highly enough; he is punctual, professional and above all supportive and caring to both dogs and owners!
Many thanks,

New England Dog Training,     Friday, July 27, 2012
Bill, I am grateful for our continuing friendship, but wanted to take a minute to thank you for your genuine concern, caring and skills in restoring balance to our family unit after a very disruptive relocation.  
It seems unbelievable that it has been 4 months since we found you.  I was so shocked and unprepared for the changes the transition brought to us, with Bink'saggression and biting and Bo's self-destructive and house damaging behavior.  When I called you, I was struck by your immediate concern for the welfare of the dogs.  With your deep experience, fearless creativity and helping me see the situation from a dogs perspective, I have gained the confidence and insight to be a proper Alpha Dog and friend to them.  At times I relied totally on your faith that we could return to normal.  I was, and still am inspired by your "whatever it takes" commitment to find a solution.  And as always, your steady compassion and love for all living things.  Today as I sit watching Bo and Binks sleeping in our new yard, after a vigourous walk and work-out, they behaved happily with walkers and other dogs.  I wanted to say "THANK YOU! WE COULDN'T OF DONE THIS WITH OUT YOU!"
Anne, Providence RI

To Whom It May Concern,       October 2, 2011
 It is my pleasure to highly recommend New England Dog Training.  William (Bill) is wonderful!  He is unbelievably knowledgeable about both obedience
training techniques and about behavioral nature of dogs.  Each obedience training session was also a mini lesson in why my dogs act the way they do!  I was concerned about finding a dog trainer that would be able to work with me since I have three dogs and they are all different breeds, sizes, and temperaments.  Bill didn't hesitate to take on this challenge and immediately proved that he is capable of training one dog or multiple dogs.  During a session he spends his time working with both the dog and the owner, which is important because you are able to get immediate feedback if you are using a technique incorrectly.  Plus, you have the skills to work with your dog when Bill is not there, which is the ultimate goal.  Bill is extremely patient with both the dogs and their owners!  He will spend time explaining all of the different techniques he uses and will promptly address any questions or concerns you might have.  Mostly important, I saw results in my dogs immediately!  All of my dogs are adults so I was skeptical that they could even be trained, but Bill got them to do things I never thought they would willingly do!  After a few months of working with Bill, I feel more comfortable and confident as a dog owner.  Bill is also a bargain.  I researched several dog trainers before choosing Bill and I can guarantee that he offers the best rates.  He is also incredibly flexible about setting up meeting times and will work to accommodate your schedule.  Bill is easy to reach if you have any questions or concerns in-between sessions.  Again, it is my pleasure to highly recommend New England Dog Training.  My experience has been nothing but positive and I'm confident your experience will be the same.
Beth and Brian Martin
Newport RI

To Whom It May Concern,  9/13/2011
 I found Bill by way of an ad hung up in a restaurant.  I was in need of some help with my, then 3 dogs, an English Bulldog, and 2 mutts imported from Mexico.  I gave him a call and he agreed to meet me at my home the following Saturday.  I explained to him one of our issues was aggression with people in my home, and asked him if he would rather meet them out doors.  "No" Bill replied, "inside would be better".  Well I thought, this guy better be good or I'll be doing some first aid!  Bill entered my house, the pups barked, did their thing, Bill just kept talking and looking at me, sat down and within, literally 2 seconds, the big dog had her head on his lap and the little one sat looking at him like he was her mother, and the bulldog, of course had made friends at first site.  Needless to say I was sold, we talked sometime about a plan, and began with a basic lesson.
Bill has been punctual, accommodating and professional, plus my dogs love him!  I am down to 2, having lost the Bulldog to illness, and we work hard on the lessons Bill leaves us with each time we meet.  Bill's diligence encourages us to do the same, practice makes perfect.  He goes above and beyond and my dogs adore him.  I highly recommend New England Dog Training.  Bill has great expertise and a kind disposition.
Sincerely yours,
Karen Puerini-Razza
Tiverton, RI

Tuesday October 11, 2011
Hey Bill, just wanted to send you this note, you have done a wonderful job training our dog "Toby".  We brought him camping for the first time this Columbus Day weekend and he was so well behaved.  We took him on walks and someone even commented while I was walking him, "Now that is a well trained dog!"There were times when he wasn't even on a leash and stayed with us while walking.  He does outstanding and sometimes I forget and I look and he is waiting for my command to come.  We are still working on a few things with him, but overall we went from a dog that was not pleasurable to be with, to a dog that is now part of our family.  Thanks again for your hard work.
The Sylvia Family
Acushnet, MA

To Whom It May Concern     
September 19, 2011
I have two large breed dogs, "Buddy and Roxy."  Buddy is an easy going older male that just goes with the flow.  Roxy is a stubborn younger dog that has alot of energy.  Roxy wants constant attention and also wants to be the one in control.  As Roxy got older, she wasn't listening very well, and she had begun to push Buddy around as she got closer to her one year mark.  This is why I decided to get in touch with a dog trainer.  I knew I needed some someone that could handle these two large dogs, so I asked the local groomer and pet supply store and they gave me New England Dog Trainings information.
When Bill first came to the house, I didn't know what to expect.  We started by sitting down to discuss everything that had been going on.  I explained the entire situation with the 2 dogs to Bill.  He gave my boyfriend and I some pointers on how to handle the dogs in the house and led us through some easy to follow basic training protocol.  As always, he made sure we felt comfortable with the procedure and the dogs were responding well.  After the first week, the dogs were getting along better and became a lot easier to handle.
We spent about two months training with Bill once a week.  Besides the basic commands, he taught us things I wouldn't even of thought of, like name recognition drills.  As we progressed with our training, Bill was able to help us with some more in depth issues, like when people came to the door and the dogs got overly excited.  Also, Roxy and I have had some incidents with another dog running into the street and acting aggressive towards us on three different occasions.  The incidents occurred when Roxy was three months old and then again around nine months and then ten months old, and they were all while I was handling her.  Bill has helped Roxy and I get past the experience and build our confidence when we walk by other dogs that bark at us.  Bill has also helped us with things like having the dogs play in the yard, without Roxy jumping on Buddy and getting the dogs to stay out of the kitchen, when I tell them, out. 
Though it takes a lot of time and dedication, and the neighborhood children want to know why I walk in circles with the dogs, we have definately made huge amounts of progress, in a short amount of time.  Both dogs enjoy training and are much easier to handle.  My stubborn puppy, Roxy, now knows that I'm the boss, and my older dog, Buddy, has learned new tricks.
Dawn Casilla
Tiverton, RI  

Dear Bill,  3/12,2011
I wanted to thank you for all the work you did with Laddie and me over the last 2 months. I have learned such a lot and most importantly my dog is so much happier. Therefore, I am happy to recommend your services to anybody that needs help in training their dog.
After adopting my rescue pet, Laddie, a little maltese mix, last September, it quickly became apparent to me that he had behavioral issues. I had never owned a small dog before and was guilty of letting him get away with unacceptable behavior because he seemed too little to correct. However, over the next few months, when out walking on the leash, his anxiety and aggressive behavior increased, culminating in him barking, growling and lunging at everything around him.  I broke down and bought a muzzle.  I was afraid he would bite a child.  I felt defeated and instead of enjoying walking with my dog, I dreaded it.I saw a posting on Craigslist for "NEW ENGLAND DOG TRAINING" and sent an e-mail outlining my problems.  I received a prompt response and after talking with Bill, the trainer, for a few minutes, I felt better.  I signed up for a 6 week training course, began the lessons and "SAW IMPROVEMENT AFTER THE FIRST SESSION!"  I am convinced that the individual training with Bill is the way to go and is well worth the investment.
Bill is informative, professional, punctual and clearly loves his work!  Bill very gently told me that everything I had been doing wasn't helping and he explained his rationale for the training methods he uses.  He made sense and his techniques are all about praise and rewards for good behavior.  Laddie responded to Bill instantly and I was thrilled at how fast the progress was.  I threw away the harness and muzzle that day!  Bill and Matt brought other dogs to the next classes to help Laddie with socialization.  I also received sound nutritional advice that has also helped Laddie.  It has been a pleasure to work with them! So after 6 weeks and lots of consistant practice, which we will continue for the next few months, I now have a dog that is happy, not as anxious, comes to the office with me, can walk down the street, will greet other dogs and is fun to walk.  I can't tell you how big of a deal that is to me!  I can take my dog anywhere with confidence now and that feels great!  I will signing up for advanced classes a little later in the summer.
Thanks Bill, Matt, Ham-bone and the rest of the pack.  See you in the park!
Claire Bennett
Fall River, MA